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Seasoning Trio - Field


kabobs with seasoning


Made with real pineapple!

A hint of heat and a smidgen of smoky – this home run hit comes ready to play! Take #TacoTuesday to the next level with this powerhouse of flavors.   

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Get the recipe: Al Pastor Salmon Kabobs with Cilantro Tzatziki

Orzo with Seasoning


Superior technique – optimal flavor!

Did you know: the secret to full-bodied flavor is in the prep? Coat fillets with seasoning and pan sear in oil, no water required! Treat yourself to a taco even your beach buddies would be jealous of.

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Get the recipe: Shrimp and Salsa Verde Orzo Salad 

Taquitos with image


A fresh take on a classic!

We gave our traditional taco seasoning a reboot with all-natural ingredients for a homegrown experience. Taste the difference and tell us what you think!

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Get the recipe: Mushroom and Brussels Sprouts Taquitos (Vegetarian)